Want To Sound Like These Disney Voice Actors? One Simple Method To Start Creating Different Voices Using Your Own Voice

I remember when I was still a little boy, I read my comic books this way: assigning different characters a voice, even including female voices during that time, to imagine I was actually not reading a book but acting and appreciating an imaginary cartoon on TV. I sometimes also hummed a theme song after I read maybe about 2 chapters in the book as if that’s the end of an episode. 

Also, Disney movies played a great role at my young age to develop a great interest in the world of voice dubbing and singing in different character voices. Do you ever find yourself quoting lines from Disney movies or impersonating your favorite characters using a different character voice too? Have you ever wondered how voice actors are able to create such distinct and memorable voices and can perform even multiple voices in the same video production? In this blog post, we'll explore the art of voice acting and how you can learn to create your own unique character voices.

1. Why doing voices for different characters like Disney movies is so interesting and funny

Have you ever watched a Disney movie and been enchanted by the voices of the characters? Whether it's the gruff voice of Scar in The Lion King or the playful tone of Genie in Aladdin, each character has their own unique voice that brings them to life. As viewers, we get to escape into a world of imagination and let ourselves become absorbed in the story, but also we can even start to believe that character is a real living being rather than a performance by a voice actor.

2. How can one person create different voices?

Sometimes, we hear voice actors just do the character using their own voice, while we also hear some voice actors can do different voices at the same time. We may still remember that Robin Williams, who played Genie in Aladdin, can perform different character voices so that he becomes different characters in the same movie.  

You may be thinking, "That's great for professional voice actors, but can I create my own character voice too? Can I even create multiple different character voices too?" The answer is simpler than you might think. I believe everyone has the ability to create different voices by applying some techniques, such as changing pitch, tone, accent, mouth shape, or the position of your pronunciation. Of course, at the same time, you can try wearing different clothes just like my video here, lol. 

3. How to use pitch shifting to create different character voice

Now the exciting part: try singing the notes “do re mi fa so”. When you get to the note "so", try speaking a sentence while staying on that pitch. You'll notice that your voice takes on a different character, higher and brighter, even if it's just a subtle change. I often use this pitch-shifting technique to turn my student’s voice into another character's voice, and it's also a great way to experiment with different voices. You can often try higher pitches for younger voices, while lower pitches for older voices. 

4. Dubbing different characters requires not only that but also emotion, character analysis, eye contact, voice techniques, etc.

But creating a believable character voice requires more than just pitch shifting. It also requires emotion, character analysis, and a variety of voice techniques while maintaining your performance being still sincere and natural. Never fake or force an emotion. When you dub a character, you have to think about the character's personality, backstory, and motivations. You also have to use different vocal techniques, such as breath control, volume speed, dynamic, emotional levels, etc, to bring the character to life.

5. How our class can help you get into different characters even sing like musical characters.

If you're interested in learning more about voice acting and creating character voices, my voice training program is here to help. We will focus on how to create different voices, how to analyze a character, and how to use your voice effectively. We'll also teach you how to sing like a musical singer character while maintaining being natural. So, come and unleash your inner Disney character!

In conclusion, the voice acting is an exciting and creative field that anyone can explore. By using techniques like pitch shifting and developing your voice acting skills, you can create your own unique character voices and bring your favorite roles to life. With our class, with our special method of “Performing naturally and convincingly first and then techniques”, you can take your voice acting skills to the next level and become the next great voice actor that the market is looking for. Try out some of these techniques and see where your imagination takes you!


Learn with Tony Chen: 

With 15+ years of professional voice-over performance experience, bilingual English/Chinese voice actor Tony has honed the ability to effectively grab the listener’s attention and engage with them through his crisp, polished delivery. He has worked on projects for clients from over 10 countries, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Microsoft, Amazon, UFC Fight PASS, PepsiCo, Tiffany & Co, and more. With the unique method of "performing naturally first and then techniques", Tony’s professional voice coaching program quickly transforms your voice/singing performance to the next level."


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