Gentle Piano Music for Sleep

Explore world-renowned instrumental piano, Chinese, and easy listening albums, perfect for bedtime or a relaxing evening. Tony Chen offers a variety of serene albums with uplifting and peaceful soundscapes, ranging from solo piano arrangements to instrumental blends of western and Chinese styles. Add one of these top-rated piano, Chinese, or easy listening albums to your sleep playlist today and enjoy the wide range of relaxing and gentle musical stylings from Tony Chen.

Award-Winning Contemporary Instrumentals

Tony Chen is a former Grammy voting member, specializing in piano composition, contemporary music, and New Age styles. He was an official contender at the 86th Academy Awards, and has won several awards for his compositions. As winner of the World Music category in the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and winner for Best Song in the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Tony Chen is an accomplished and experienced composer and performer, sharing his work with a global audience. Let the expert sounds of Tony Chen bring peace to your bedroom, providing you with a relaxing soundscape to end your day.

In addition, Tony Chen also offers a broad collection of instrumental music for listening pleasure throughout the day. Find the best instrumental and contemporary music to enhance your activities from Tony Chen Music.

Download Gentle Music for Sleep Online

Get access to the best piano, easy listening, and Chinese instrumentals to match your mood, helping you to wind down after a long day. Download instrumentals online by whole albums or by single, and tailor your bedtime playlist to exactly what you need to end your day right with Tony Chen music.