Music Education Consultant for Career and Composition

For anyone studying music or pursuing a music career, Tony Chen is a music education consultant who offers coaching to take your performance to the next level. As an award-winning musician with over 15 years of professional experience, Tony Chen has the skills and teaching experience to pull the best out of any musician, helping you to achieve the best from your performance, as well as improve your composing and arranging skills.

Professional Teaching for all Ages

Whether you are an industry veteran or a parent looking for guidance in their child’s musical career, Tony Chen has the experience and skill to get the job done. Tony Chen focuses on enhancing the musician’s personal style and taste, helping them develop independent skills and knowledge to help take their personal performance to a new stage. Navigate the modern music industry and learn how to start a successful music career, using Tony Chen’s own musical experience as a launchpad to your future.

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Unique Coaching Built for Musicians

Tony Chen’s music education consulting offers support in a variety of skills, extending to composing and arranging natural sounding music that helps musicians develop and understand their personal style. Tony Chen offers guidance in creating complete musical pieces with digital audio workstations, allowing musicians to create the best work they can with the tools available to them.

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Tony Chen is dedicated to teaching you to create natural and realistic-sounding music. Learn to compose touching and inspiring music that is truly your own work today! Book a FREE 30-minute session with music education consultant Tony Chen, covering your expectations, your music career, and next steps into becoming a professional musician. Afterwards, Tony will help you with a variety of skills, such as basic recording, promotion, and public performance.