Tony Chen Music Presents - Music Education/Career Consultation

If your child or yourself are studying music and not sure about the future of the music career/path during this online network age, then this is for you!  Through this consultation, I hope to help you with my advice for your next steps in your own music study, career planning, or your child's next step in his/her music journey. 

This service is for the following people:   

1. You are currently a music student   
2. Your kids are learning music   
3. You are teaching music   
4. Your industry is already related to music   
5. You treat your music study/performance as a hobby  

【Consultation Description】 

Many friends of mine born in the 1980s and 1990s have become parents. In order to bring a meaningful life for their kids, many of our parents have started to take their children to music instrument/performance lessons. It’s also what their parents used to do. 

However, within about the past 20-30 years, in my view the music industry has developed from performing physical musical instruments to a collaboration of computer music production and traditional musical instruments, and the music market has also developed from the early tapes, CDs, and MP3s to the current digital streaming platform. Music record companies have also gone from finding talent, developing talent, and expanding their fan base to directly looking for self-media musicians who already have a lot of fans. It is generally difficult for our thinking to keep up with the changes of the times. Soon, with the birth of various new media, I believe the demand for musical experience on digital platform would be still increasing. 

Music is also often a form of direct connection with people's psychology and feelings. In today's era when social moral standards have been distorted in many ways, we also see that the mental health of many musicians is at stake. 

We spend a lot of time and energy in educating children to learn music, but we may not know much about the future development of our children or even ourselves on the road of music and the development of mental health in music, so it may lead to the Time and energy are ultimately wasted. 

So I here announce that I am presenting you:

30 Minute Music Education/Career Consultation 

30 Minute Music Education/Career Consultation

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Through this consultation, I hope to help you with my advice for your next steps in your own music study, career planning, or your child's next step in his/her music journey.

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The topics covered are roughly as follows:

  • Computer Composition Sounding Realistic 
  • Basic Recording, editing and mixing 
  • Choosing a keyboard that suits you 
  • Music Composition/Arrangement 
  • Music Promotion Online 
  • Reviewing Your Work 
  • Enhancing Your Performance 

Feel free to let me know your area even if it is not included above. 

NOTE: After you make the purchase above, please make sure you click the button below to schedule your time meeting with Tony via Google Calendar. You will see available dates and times for you to choose. You can just book 1 slot for this consultation although it says 20 mins for each slot, we will do 30 mins for sure. 

If I feel your chosen topic is an area that I am unable to help, I will refund your payment unconditionally. If you feel my consultation doesn't help you at all, I will also refund your payment upon request within 3 days after the consultation.