Professional Voice Coaching From Top-Class Voice Over Artist Tony Chen

  • You are a new Youtuber and find yourself nervous when recording and hosting program in front of the camera? 
  • Do you believe you have a great voice or singing voice that is not fully explored yet? 
  • You know you can find a side job in voice acting, but don't know where to start? 
  • Do you find yourself short of breath when singing or reading? 
  • Do you want to explore how to voice different characters? 


Why do you learn voice acting/singing with Tony Chen?  

  • Bilingual: Standard Mandarin (Hong Kong or Taiwan Accent free) and English (British); English with Chinese accent; 
  • 15+ years of professional voice over services in the industry;
  • Clients worldwide - US, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil,....etc. 
  • Hollywood award-winning music composer background - great performance with accurate emotion and touching voice tone; 
  • Delivery style range: Corporate, educational, elegant, intelligent, young & middle-aged, friendly, conversational, passionate, energetic, animated; 
  • Experiences of TV/Radio Presenter, Acting & Musical Style Singing in Chinese & English
  • Clients include Disney, Universal Studios Hollywood, Microsoft, Dreamworks, NVIDIA, Cadbury's.. etc. 

Tony's Voice Demos

Whom do the courses are designed for? 

  • All VO classes are for announcers, singers, presenters, instructors, public speakers, stage and film actors, and anyone who wants to learn about voice acting. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are all welcome. 
  • VO classes are fully designed for those who wish to do VO in English or Mandarin Chinese. For those who wish to do VO in English and other languages, although not being a native speaker of that language, Tony can still give you lessons on voice techniques and all other aspects of voice-over business, including recording, producing voice demos, looking for voice agencies, etc, as long as you can communicate in English or Chinese. 
  • Singing coaching is for beginners and amateurs, for singing in Mandarin Chinese & English. For other languages, Tony will give you lessons only on voice techniques as well as other aspects of singing production, like using microphones, recordings, editing, etc. 
  • Anyone who wishes to learn more about how to get a better recording quality, how to improve editing skills, how to produce a professional quality demo, as well as all business side of voice over industry.

How does voiceover coaching work? 

  • Each 1-on-1 private voiceover/singing coaching session is done via Zoom/Google Meet and can work on whatever genre you want to work on: commercials, narration, animation, audiobooks, video games, and more, or following a custom curriculum for you. 

What do you need to prepare?  

  • You'll need a Zoom/Google Meet app and a mic you can talk/sing to.  
  • Scripts to study and rehearse 
  • Song with music sheet you need to sing and practice

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