His Music Is Both Stunning And Exquisite.”

— Wouter Kellerman - 2015 Grammy Winner For Best New Age Album

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Music Education/Career Consultation

If your child or yourself are studying music and not sure about the future of the music career/path during this online network age, then this is for you! Through this consultation, I hope to help you with my advice for your next steps in your own music study, career planning, or your child's next step in his/her music journey. 

General Topics I Cover Here:

1. Computer Composition Sounding Realistic
2. Basic Recording, editing and mixing 
4. Choosing a keyboard that suits you 
5. Music Composition/Arrangement
6. Music Promotion Online
7. Reviewing Your Work
8. Enhancing Your Performance

Feel free to let me know your area even it is not included above. 

Top Class Voice Over Service (Mandarin Chinese & English)

Equipped with over 15 years of professional voice over performance experience, Tony has honed the ability to effectively grab the listener’s attention and engage with them through his crisp, polished delivery. He has worked on projects from clients from over 10 countries, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Microsoft, Amazon, UFC Fight PASS, PepsiCo, Tiffany & Co … etc

Mandarin Chinese

English With Asian Accent

Professional Voice Acting / Singing Coaching Program 

  • You are a new Youtuber and find yourself nervous when recording and hosting program in front of the camera?
  • Do you believe you have a great voice or singing voice that is not fully explored yet? 
  • You know you can find a side job in voice acting, but don't know where to start? 
  • Do you find yourself short of breath when singing or reading? 
  • Do you want to explore how to voice different characters? 

Welcome to Tony Chen's voice coaching program!


About Tony Chen

Tony Chen is a critically-acclaimed Contemporary Instrumental and New Age/Contemporary Instrumental music composer. He is an active Grammy voting member, was an official contender for best original score and best original song at the 86th Academy Awards, and has won numerous awards for his music compositions and movie scores. 

He is also a bilingual voice talent with over 15 years of experience in Mandarin Chinese and English(with a British/American/Asian accent), and is also a musical singer who can sing in perfect Mandarin Chinese and English. His talent offers unique values and market potential to the world of voice, musicals, and music production with a background in western and eastern culture.

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