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Award-Winning Music by Tony Chen

Calling all content creators — Enhance your next media project with award-winning background music for videos, animation, or personal projects. Tony Chen offers exquisite piano, contemporary, and Chinese music to use in a variety of applications – both royalty free music for content creators and per-project licensed tracks.

As winner of the World Music category in the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and winner for Best Song in the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Tony Chen is an experienced and professional composer, ensuring quality in every track he publishes. Specializing in new age and contemporary tracks, you are sure to be impressed.

The Best Royalty-Free Music for Content Creators

Download professional and polished background music for videos, audio, or a variety of other projects instantly. Find the perfect sound for your project today, and gain access to a complimentary no-copyright download on us!

Premium Music

Easily download and listen to the best music for content creators, finding the perfect match for your production. Enjoy premium royalty-free music created in a professional studio. Tony Chen highlights soundscapes from the East and West, combining tunes that are uplifting, peaceful, or playful to create a range of works that suit a variety of productions. Easily download Tony Chen’s music by album or as singles, choosing between .MP3 and .WAV formats.