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Why Should You Work With Tony?


Tony was born and raised in Beijing, China, and received vocal training at the University of Huddersfield in the UK. Equipped with a diverse background, Tony performs immaculate accent-free Mandarin Chinese (not Hong Kong or Taiwan), English (UK), as well as English (UK) with a Chinese accent. 

Professional Experience 

Tony has over 15 years of professional voice-over production experience in many different areas such as commercial production, corporate videos, film dubbing, and more! 

Notable Clients  

Tony has worked on projects with premier clients from all over the world including Disney, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Nokia, Dreamworks, Florida Railway, Cadbury’s, Mini Paceman, BT Conference, Hilton Garden Inn, Marriot Union View, Breeze App, Tiffany & Co, University of San Diego, PG&E, Appcrazee, Union View, and New Tang Dynasty Television.  

Expert Recording  

Tony operates in a recording studio furnished with high-quality equipment and offers clients 12-72 hour turnaround times depending on the project. He also offers time sync.

Quality Recordings with Fast Turnaround Time!

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Voice Over Demos

Tony Chen is an established Mandarin and English voice-over artist. Equipped with years of professional media experience, Tony has honed the ability to effectively grab the listener’s attention and engage with them through his crisp, polished delivery.

Is Tony The Right Voice For You?

Vocal Style 

Tony is a versatile voice talent; his voice exudes intelligence, sophistication, and grandeur. His conversational and passionate style can be utilized for a variety of voice-over applications such as corporate narration, television and radio commercials, and character animation. Tony can perform voices ranging from a Teenage Boy to a Senior Male. 

Project types  

Examples of types of projects Tony handles routinely include character animation voice-overs (movies, video games, etc.), radio and television commercials, voice dubbing, narration (corporate videos, e-learning, instructional videos, etc.), telephony, singing projects, and much more.

Mandarin Chinese Demo

Please note, for the copyrighted movie/sound clips, I am not the official voice actor for these productions, these are only for demo purpose. And all the male and female voices are my performances, but I added sound changer plugin for the female characters. 

Movie Dubbing Demo

Musical Singing Demo

Narration Demo

Audio Demos

Commercial & Corporate Narration

Musical Singing Demo