From the recording Sacred Years (Deluxe Edition)

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Lyrics: Yue Rong
Composer/Arranger: Tony Chen
Vocal: Tony Chen


窗台邊 風兒輕輕吹來
看花朵 它謝了又開
昨夜裡 為何夢醒不來
記憶中 是否還在等待

轉眼後 一絲陽光燦爛
剎那間 多少煩惱拋開
為登途 我要邁向大海
隨風帆 無畏地飄揚起來

下一站 誰明白
乘風踏浪 衝破一片苦海
我頂著風 揚著帆
是我們 我們的伙伴

下一站 我明白
無懼的心 才能衝破浪關
我頂著風 揚著帆
帶我飛向 最美的未來

The wind blows gently by the window sill
Look at the flowers that wither away and bloom again
Why couldn't I wake from my dream last night?
In your memory, are you still waiting?

In a blink of an eye, a ray of sunshine illuminates the sky
In an instant, how many worries have been set aside
I am going to the sea to embark on the journey
Sailing in the wind fearlessly

Who knows what the next stop will be
Are you calling in your heart?
Ride the wind and waves to break through a sea of bitterness
I’m sailing in the wind
I'm never alone no matter how tired
The wind on the journey
Is actually a companion

I now understand what the next stop is
The end of the horizon
A fearless heart can break through the waves
I’m sailing in the wind
No matter how hard it is
The wind on the journey
Take me to the most beautiful future