1. Lonely Warrior
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We see that President Trump and his team are like lonely warriors. Facing the all-out attack by the elite leftists and the CCP, manipulated by the Communist/Red Demon, they seem to be forced into a dark corner.
The song begins with a heavyheartedness that comes with being a lonely warrior. As the music progresses, a light unveils amid the darkness, just like how God reveals, blesses, and bestows great power to those seeking to walk His path. The lonely warrior sees the Way that God provides and resolves to walk his path firmly.
Amid the chaos created by the evil CCP and communist demons—including temptations, lies, violence, and fear—everyone is a lonely warrior. We are all looking for a way to find God and hope, to emerge from the tribulation and walk on the path God has provided. I hope this piece will encourage you.