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Christmas is here! Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas candles, Christmas lights, and the most exciting Christmas gifts are everywhere! And the most unforgettable moment is the warm feelings of family and friends gathering together, just like the sweet look of the baby wearing a Christmas hat in the video! Let this song become a lullaby for such a warm moment!

Free Download:
You can download and use this song for free in your project (no copyright), and please give credit such as "Tony Chen - A Warm Christmas" and leave my website there too:! Thanks very much in advance!

And please make sure that you use the link here ONLY for the download (not including the occasion where this piece is included in another album) so that if in the future a copyright claim appears on your Youtube dashboard (no claim would appear for now), I can inform you by email in time telling you what to do to keep it free. Thank you! If you download the music using other ways, sorry I won't be able to inform you.