From the recordings The Knight and One Man's Music

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Here comes my new music "Heart Unmoved".
The inspiration for this piece comes from my practicing Falun Dafa meditation exercise at my current understanding level.
In our lives, we sometimes come across many unexpected tribulations and difficulties, which lead us into a very passive situation, and our emotions can be driven very negatively. When the thoughts are getting more and more negative, although I try my best to get rid of the thoughts that are like tangled ropes, it seems that the more I want to break away from them, the tighter I am entangled. I found that the more I wanted to solve the problem, the more I fell into it. I was like adding my new worrying thoughts into the already messy negative thoughts, and more and more thought tasks were being dealt with. At this time, when I was reading Falun Dafa book, I realized at my current level that no matter how chaotic my thoughts are, as long as I stop following the thoughts' logic, and stop extending the thoughts into new stories, and just trying to keep my heart unmoved, I could see I started to detach from those chaotic thoughts, and then I could be able to jump out of the tangled negative thoughts at that moment.
This inspired me to compose this piece of music. The song is written for myself and for people who are lost in their frustrations and troubles.
Falun Dafa is a Chinese meditation exercise based on the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. Know more about Falun dafa: