From the recording The Knight

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There is a concept of "Cultivation Practice" in Chinese Traditional Culture. Through the practice, people can gain insight into the mysteries of the universe, the celestial bodies, and the human body. At the same time, a cultivator can be freed from frustrations caused by complicated thoughts, troubles and pains , as well as the attachments to fame, fortune and emotions. Some people may think that taking fame and fortune lightly means the person becomes passive and losing ambitions, but it's not true. Instead, through meditation and cultivation of one's character in front of troubles, the cultivator gains inner peace, tranquility and freedom while gaining greater wisdom than before. In fact, our lives are accompanied by troubles all the time both mentally and physically. People sometimes even find hard to eat and sleep well because of pursuit of fame, fortune, and emotions, which actually become spiritual constraints and causing poor health conditions.

And the spiritual freedom gained through cultivation could bring one with better understandings on the whole picture when seeing things and works at a glance. He/she can finish things very well with a relaxed heart. In the past, people believe they have souls. Through cultivation, when the soul is freed from the constraints of frustrations and attachments, the soul feels light and wonderful, as if he/she can travel through layers of celestial bodies and heavenly galaxies without constraints from them. The soul flies between layers of beautiful heavenly worlds and creating magic. This music piece is inspired by my experience of Falun Dafa cultivation practice at my current level when I realized this wonderful scene. I hope the listeners will experience the lightness and wonderful feelings of being freed from frustrations and attachments with the music. The song is called "Traveling Through Heavenly Galaxies".