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This epic piece is inspired by an ancient Chinese cultural understanding of heroes and kings. To me, a hero is like a king.The Chinese character for "King" is "王", shown as by three horizontal lines connected by one vertical line. There is an ancient saying that a king is a person who can fully understand and connect heaven, earth and man (represented by the three horizontal lines). Such a hero, or king, would certainly possess mighty, divine power. He follows the principles of the universe, valuing virtue, and cultivates himself well, treating people with compassion. He is very righteous, and all evil beings are afraid of him.
Imagine if all heroes from heaven and earth were to gather together to eliminate all evils and re-establish righteousness on this planet! Such is the inspiration for this piece. The Mighty Heroes features a combination of western and eastern musical elements—from western orchestration and choir to Chinese instruments and oriental melodies—to represent heroes from around the globe.