A baby is a like a gift from heaven entering into a couple's life, depicted by the piano downward note passage at the beginning of this piece. The influence of parents on their baby is huge. The education a kid receives from his/her parents would affect the kid's whole life. We like babies because they are so innocent. It's like the seeds of kindness have already been planted in their hearts even before they were born. And I believe parents need to work hard to protect the seeds of kindness, so that the seeds would eventually sprout and grow. And babies are also a reminder for parents that they also have seeds of kindness in their heart when they were little too.

This piano piece's inspiration is based on my current level of understanding from my practicing Falun Dafa, a Chinese meditation exercise based on "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance": I came up with this idea of doing this piece is because I believe the morality of human society is very important. I hope that everyone will create a good moral environment in their daily lives for everyone, especially for the next generation, so that the good seeds of kindness in children's hearts would thrive.

Please enjoy this lullaby "Seeds of Kindness", with some oriental taste.