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Soothing your little baby to sleep should be the most memorable experience of many young mothers (and of course including fathers). The heart is full of joy, warmth, happiness, sweetness... etc. Sometimes you may feel that how come the little baby suddenly appeared in your life? It's like dreaming! But no matter what, this heart journey will always be deeply imprinted in the mother's heart. Of course, this also includes the moment that the baby becomes noisy, and you can't do anything about it. The baby won't go to sleep! What can we do? Ok, maybe play this piece of music lullaby to your baby, it may help, although not guaranteed...haha. You can also learn the melody and sing with the music, it may also help you to recover from daily anxieties, haha, maybe...Anyway, hope you and your sweet little one(s) enjoy this piece " Sweet Dreams, My Little One"!