The Mighty Heroes


The Mighty Heroes includes a collection of songs that reflect Tony’s spiritual journey from 2014 through 2016. The album features melodies and musical arrangements that transcend Eastern and Western influences, creating an atmospheric listening experience. Produced as a celebration of the balance of Yin and Yang, this album contains a diverse arrangement of songs, from glorious anthems to romantic rhythms. This album serves as a regular dose of righteousness, happiness, and joy.

  • Track Names:
      1. The Mighty Heroes
      2. Memory of Time-Space
      3. A Merry Pace
      4. Will You Hold My Hand?
      5. A Nostalgic Melody
      6. Glorious Celebration of Heaven & Earth
      7. Flower Scent
      8. Taste Asia - Delicious Chinese Cusine
      9. Heavenly Elegance
      10. A Nostalgic Melody (Piano Solo)

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