Discover great music by award-winning artist and composer Tony Chen. Find all the latest hits and favorite piano songs here and follow Tony Chen on his transformative journey through music. From upbeat melodies to calming motivational music, there’s a song for everyone and every creative production.

Award-Winning Songs

You’ll enjoy award-winning music by a world-renowned artist — Tony Chen has received nominations including “Best Original Score” and “Best Original Song” at the 86th Academy Awards. His music transcends boundaries and borders. Here are some of his global accolades:

  • Nominated for the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2012
  • Best Theme Song Award for the Indie/Documentary/Short category at the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards
  • Best Music Award at the Bangalore Shorts Film Festival in 2014


    Discover Tony Chen’s calming motivational music, great movie scores and beautiful relaxing music for stress relief that you can play every day at home. Intricately-composed piano music in the background brings a sense of joy to your life.

    Professional Music for Creators

    A professional music composition can transform your original production. Add an original and unique touch to your creative production or theatrical play and find calming motivational music to complement each scene. From inspiring compositions to more modern albums, watch your audience become lost in the sound of great music.

    Discover Tony Chen’s Music 

    Calming and motivational background music adds a refreshing atmosphere to your life and production. Listen while you’re driving, enjoying family time or as you stretch and wake up in the morning. Sign up for our VIP mailing list and follow Tony Chen’s blog for tips, voiceover coaching and the best interactive sheet music.