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Piano Music For Deep Relaxation, Sleep, Study & Reading

Do you find it hard to fall asleep because of your daily pressures? Do you ever feel depressed and suffering from anxiety during difficulties? Then click this video playlist RIGHT NOW to feel the power of music to calm you down!

Instrumental Music For Inspiration & Motivation

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck at a certain place that you feel lacking inspiration and motivation? Here is a place for you to recharge yourself and get motivated and inspired again!

Soothing Lullabies For Babies | Baby Sleep Music, Relaxing Baby Music

This playlist is a collection of Tony Chen's music compositions picked up by himself for moms that works perfectly as baby sleep lullabies. The collection conveys the message of kindness and purity with beautiful melodies and warm feelings. Tony hopes the babies will receive the message of kindness, and grow up happily and warmly. At the same time, the music collection can also serve as your background music for work and life. It's your study music, reading music, relaxing music, sleep music, healing music, and calming music.

Epic & Cinematic Chinese Music For Inspiration & Motivation

"The Five-Millennia Traditional of China is rich and deep, and it resonates throughout history; this traditional culture as spread by divine beings is diverse and colorful. Cultivate oneself whilst valuing virtue, and Heaven and Earth become solid. Mankind pursues kindness and compassion again so that righteousness may reappear in the Divine Land of China". Listen to this playlist to get inspiration and motivation from a collection of epic and cinematic Chinese music!

Music For Story Writing Ideas | Inspiring Music For Content Creators, Writers, Artists, and Other Creatives

Are you a content creator? Do you sometimes feel that you are lacking inspiration and motivation to come up with the next epic story? Come to this playlist to listen to some music that brings you ideas for your next content production!

Tony Chen's Performance Video

It's a playlist that you can see Tony's performance.

Disney Covers

Disney Covers