1. Lonely Warrior

From the recording Lonely Warrior

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We see that President Trump and his team are like lonely warriors. Facing the all-out attack by the leftist and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which are manipulated by the Communist/Red Demon, they seem to be repelled to a dark corner. The opening performance of the music is very heavy, and the loneliness of the warrior is shown here. However, when we reach the middle part of the music, it is like a light flashing in the sky in the dark night, showing the revelation of God, the hope that God bestows, and following with the great power that God blesses. The lonely warrior realizes the way God points out and walks towards his path firmly from then on.

In fact, in the face of the chaos created by the evil CCP and communist demons, such as temptations, lies, violence, fear, etc, everyone is a lonely warrior. We are all looking for a way to find God and hope, so as to get out of the tribulation and walk on the path of God’s guidance. I hope this piece will give the audience such encouragement.