Divine Land of China

Divine Land of China


Divine Land of China is a special album that includes a variety of short pieces in Chinese style. Tony Chen produced this album in order to help with the revival of lost Chinese traditions. Through this album, listeners will explore 5000 years of divine Chinese culture.

  • Track Names:
      1. Magnificence
      2. Hope
      3. Golden Age of Tang Dynasty
      4. The Silk Queen LeiZu
      5. The Rhyme of Tang Tai Zong
      6. Ancient Legends
      7. Delicious Chinese Culture
      8. The Grace of Chinese Classical Dance
      9. Nine Dragon Sword 1
      10. Nine Dragon Sword 2
      11. Zhanlu Dream
      12. Little Dragon Girl
      13. Horse Riding 1
      14. Horse Riding 2 - The Land
      15. Plum Blossoms

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